Fully Staffed – A Web Series

It's time to get "Fully Staffed"! Meet Arnold Mckenzie and Terrance Lett, two best friends who run the staffing agency Jobs Inc. every which way but into the ground.

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created and written by Adam Connie Sr

Episodes 1 thru 3: The Closet Series

In The Closet Pt. 1

In The Closet Pt. 2

In The Closet Pt. 3

Episodes 4 thru 7: Meet the Staff!

The Pilot

The Accident

The Office

The Smiley Bug

Episodes 8 thru 11: The Staff Gets Bigger!

The Proposal

The Introductions

The Intrusions

The Concessions

Episodes 12 thru 16: The Staff Gets Weird!

The Regrets

The Solidarity

The Outrage

The Indignant

The Switches

Episodes 17 thru 21: The Staff Gets Challenged!

The Harassed

The Inappropes

The Willingly

The Plotting

The Catch